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Fuel duty cut is bigger priority than 10p tax

S&S Distribution have welcomed the results of a FairFuelUK poll showing that UK citizens believe a Fuel Duty cut is a bigger priority than the re-introduction of the 10p Income Tax Band. The poll, carried out by ComRes, clearly shows that three times more people favour a Fuel Duty cut over the restoration of the 10p Income Tax Band.

Palletline, an early supporter of the FairFuelUK campaign, agrees with the comments of FairFuelUK national spokesman Quentin Wilson:

“If nearly 40% of the population say they prefer a 14p fuel duty cut to a reintroduction of the 10p tax band then democracy should take its course. In rural areas our survey showed as many as 50% want the fuel cut, showing how badly affected they are by rising fuel prices. The Chancellor should consider these percentages and do the right thing in the March budget.”

Kevin Buchanan, Managing Director of Palletline, said: “Fuel Duty compounds a poor economy by making it harder for the commercial transport sector to deliver a vital service to British SMEs – something it does while competing against foreign hauliers who are not subject to its exorbitant charges”

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