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Award success for the team at S&S Distribution

The team at S&S Distribution were very proud to be awarded the Palletline KPI Performance certificate last week, for their performance success in March 2019.

This award is given to Palletline depots for successfully achieving all monthly KPI compliance across a range of areas. These KPI's are in place to ensure the network strives to provide a consistently high standard of performance across the board. Thereby ensuring every depots customers receive the same level of excellent service throughout the country. 

Such areas of focus are;

  • The Scanning of pallets is thorough to ensure visibility of consignments is available for the sender.
  • There is a nominal amount of service failures, or discrepancies. 
  • That all deliveries are accurately signed for so a proof of delivery is documented.

Great commitment and dedication to achieve the extremely high score required to be awarded this certificate is essential from the whole of S&S Distribution. Successfully handling just over 8,000 pallets in March for the Palletline network alone proves the team has what it takes. A fantastic achievement.

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