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Brexit Update

As you will no doubt be aware there still remains no certainty over what will happen with our borders post Brexit. The risk is that if we leave Europe without a withdrawal agreement the UK will be treated as a non-EU country for customs purposes. This would mean we will immediately have to follow full customs procedures for all trade with Europe including the Republic of Ireland.

Hopefully you will already be looking into the consequences of this, and preparing your business for the future. 

If you are not already aware, the current advice is that all Exporters and Importers should ensure they are EORI registered with HMRC as a priority. 

There is further advice to be found on the Government website:



Moving forward all goods that are exported/imported will likely need to be Customs declared.  Exporters will therefore need to ensure they know their product’s Commodity Codes, provide a Commercial Invoice incorporating a packing list detailing the quantity, weight and description. Importers will need to investigate if they should register for TSP (Transition Simplified Procedure). 

Republic of Ireland (ROI) (Non-Haz Freight)

With reference to deliveries to ROI, all freight is handled by our Network member based in Dublin who has been working hard to ensure they can provide a robust service to the Network moving forward if full customs procedures apply between UK and the ROI as there will be an impact from an administrative perspective.  To facilitate this, S&S Distribution Ltd will need to be appointed as a Customs Clearance Agent and to act as a Direct Representative by each of our customers wishing to trade with ROI.  We will in turn appoint this member, which will allow them to declare goods to HMRC on your behalf using the electronic customs process.  

What can you do now?

*Commercial Invoices

The following information will need to be provided on your commercial invoice;

The commercial invoice will need to be emailed to [email protected] at the time of placing the booking.  This will then be forwarded to the carrier for checking. 

Please note that the goods cannot be dispatched until the carrier has confirmed they have all of the required information for customs formalities.

Rest of Europe (Non-Haz) and Hazardous Freight for ROI & Europe

As these deliveries are carried out by a number of different carriers, we are currently gathering information as to the requirements for each carrier moving forward.  It may become necessary to suspend our service to some countries in the short term until we have clarity as to the process going forward.  We will update further on this as soon as possible.

Please note the information we have provided should not be interpreted as a statement of what will be required, but rather what might be required based on current import/export regulations, our industry experience and consultations with the various Customs and trade groups.

We will endeavor to keep our customers informed as the situation develops over the coming days and weeks. 

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